Dear colleagues,

Thanks for your interest in the Online Peptaibiotics Database. Due to an infrastructure migration and limited resources the online version of the database is unfortunately no longer available.

We are currently working on the transfer of all recently added peptaibiotics to the formerly published Comprehensive Peptaibiotics database with the aim to provide an updated version for download and offline use in the near future.

In the meanwhile you can download and install the originally published offline version from
The proper reference to this database is Stoppacher, N., Neumann, N. K. N., Burgstaller, L., Zeilinger, S., Degenkolb, T., Brueckner, H., Schuhmacher, R., 2013. The comprehensive peptaibiotics database. Chemistry and Biodiversity 10, 734-743.

We apologize for not being able to maintain the online database any longer. For further questions please contact: